“Your art makes me think of a birthday party. It’s happy!”

I like my friend’s description because it creates the feelings I intend. My images are mostly abstract, sometimes with an impressionistic tone. Mainly, I like to portray joy through color and metaphors like florals, hearts, crosses, and butterflies. Central to my art is a base of multiple layers of colors, usually randomly painted in an abstract manner, one overlapping the other.

Evolving as an artist, I learned the rewards of allowing myself to paint without restrictions. This revelation, combined with recognizing the unique characteristics of materials used to produce art, frees me to approach self-expression with freedom and spontaneity.

About Jenny

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Inspired by creative parents and a strong Christian faith that fills her with a grateful heart and love of the world that surrounds her, Jenny Lomax has always been influenced to express herself through art. Raised in Jacksonville, Florida and retired after 30 years teaching high school fashion marketing and business, Jenny has always been drawn to artistic expression. Searching for fun ways to inspire her students, she sought out bright colors and patterns to evoke their creativity. In her childhood years, Jenny’s mother constantly taught Jenny and her 5 siblings the joy of working with diverse media in arts and crafts projects. Her father loved to use his woodworking shop to create different functional designs and encouraged Jenny to learn the basics of construction and form.

All these childhood experiences contributed to her developing a keen sense of space, color, and design. The combination of these parental influences fueled a passion in Jenny to use her talents to create abstracts which feature bursting colors, varied patterns, and a sense of organized motion. The end result is a visually pleasing sense of joy.

The arrival of the virus in 2020 gave Jenny the opportunity to find new ways to pursue her artistic interests professionally. Within three years, after attending professional workshops by career artists, with God’s guidance and a comment by her then ten-year-old granddaughter, she developed her own style. Today, Jenny’s distinctive paintings can be seen in Jacksonville art and design galleries, juried art shows, corporate collections, and in the homes of those who love and appreciate a style that evokes feelings of happiness. A closer look, reveals the complexities of the color overlays that have come to define Jenny’s artistic style.


What brings you joy? Specific colors or textures? Florals or abstract patterns? A commissioned "Jenny" might perfectly celebrate your unique style or commemorate a special occasion!

From seemingly simple pieces initially designed for a baby's room to large-scale, multi-canvas complex patterns that weave creativity into the most staid of workspaces, her art can bring vibrant, chic, and meaningful art into your home or work life.

When her schedule permits, Jenny accepts requests for highly personal commissions explicitly designed for an individual's private collection.

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Jenny Lomax


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